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Bach Remedies and the Chakras - healing emotions through the chakras

The next Course is 14th and 15th July 2018 in Burcombe Salisbury
9.30 to 4.30 each day. Course cost £160.00 for 2 days including light refreshments
This course will help your understanding on using the essences personally or with clients.
Mental Health is something that I believe is prolific often because our emotional reactions to events in life have overwhelmed us. When we have the tools to understand ourselves and release reactions that do not serve us we can heal and deal with the ups and downs in our life better.
The course includes
7 ages of man - our emotional development
The Annasation Technique - creating what you want in you life - dissolving the blocks.
The Bereavement process - Loss be it a partner, marriage, job.... it all has to go through a process, when we recognise the process we can support ourselves and others through it.
A CPD certificate.

To book your place or for more information ring Rowena Fairbairn on 07970 438832 or Anna Jeoffroy on 07808 403059

The following course is Bach 2 run at Ainsworths in New Cavendish Street London W1 1st and 2nd September 2018
To book your place please follow this link

These two days will give you insight to and a different perspective on Dr Bach's healing essences.
In this course Anna will take you through the 7 major chakras and their relationship to Dr Bach’s flower remedies.

You will see how:
The 7 stages of development relate to our emotional reactions.
How we can identify remedies to help the different stages of bereavement (whether loss or death) and other life experiences.
How Bach Remedies can help you to identify and dissolve any resistance to success.

This 2 Day training will help you to use the groups that Dr Bach’s organised his remedies into, to empower you in living your life, dealing with problems and acknowledging opportunities to access your optimum emotional awareness.
Delegates will learn about and experience the effects of the remedies, Anna shares her experience as well as her knowledge - she is clear that Bach flower remedies have helped her journey, through her husbands illness and death and caring for her Mother with Dementia, to be more graceful, secure and caring.

All delegates will have a course certificate which is recognised as part of the Energy Works Flower Essence Practitioner Course accredited by British Flower and Vibrational essences Association (BFVEA). Therapists are able to use this as CPD.

This is the second of the 3 courses making up Energy Works Professional Practitioner Qualification.


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