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Welcome to Energy Works Training Courses and Seminars. We specialise in the use of Dr Bach's Flower Essences for emotional wellbeing. Contact us to arrange a course near you

We run courses regularly in London, Cambridgeshire/Bedfordshire borders and Newcastle but ring us to arrange a course in your area.

The caring professions are notoriously hard on our emotion health. When we are continuously supporting, helping and caring for others we have a 'duty of care' to ourselves to ensure that we have safe and effective ways to deal with stress and emotional issues that come up.

You are what you think ...... are you? Is it quite as simple as that, perhaps not! Sometimes as much as we try to be positive the negative chatter continues and things don't improve. The truth is we are what we feel. So change your feelings and you change your experience.

With a professional level of understanding you are able to change the way you feel, and then you are able to change your life or at least your reactions to life.

Our courses will help you to

Maintain youR boundaries with clients better
Feel less stressed
Be more confident
Add another modality to your expertese
Manage your workload more effectively
Understand what limits you and how to release it

Our courses are designed to inform, enlighten and inspire you, whether a Therapist, Nurse, Carer or Counsellor we have a range of trainings to help you to EMPOWER yourself and others in your journeys


Introduction to Dr Bach's Flower Remedies

Dr Bach was ahead of his time when realised the link between emotional issues and physical problems. Using research, study and intuition he explored the world of flowers, plants and trees. His 38 remedies make up an incredible set of healing essences which work by gently aligning us with our perfect potential.....

Dr Bach's Flower Remedies and the Chakras

Emotional Healing with Dr Bach's Flower Essences
This workshop is an opportunity to re-address the balance and explore your inner self
These two days will give you insight to and a different perspective on Dr Bach's healing essences.
In this course Anna will take you through the 7 major chakras and their relationship to Dr Bach’s flower remedies.
You will see how:
The 7 stages of development relate to our emotional reactions.
We can identify remedies to help the different stages of bereavement (whether loss or death) and other life experiences.
Bach Remedies can help you to identify and dissolve any resistance to success...

Carry on Caring,
This is our latest course designed especially for Carers.

Caring as a vocation, paid or voluntary, while rewarding can be extremely hard, physically, mentally,and emotionally. Carers are often underpaid, undervalued, overworked and sometimes taken for granted.
If the physical, mental or emotional strains of caring for others is getting you down, this 1 day workshop will relax, revitalise and inform you.

All courses are run in Cambridgeshire, Newcastle and London except the ones through Ainsworths which are only run in London.

Our next courses are:
Follow the links on the Introduction above for dates and venues

Anna Jeoffroy is the main speaker and trainer, with assistance from her personally trained team. Anna has been a Counsellor, Reflexologists,and Bach Essence Practitioner since 1990. In her book with co author late husband Philip Salmon they shared their interpretations of the significance of the groups that Dr Bach placed his remedies into. Anna has now taught hundreds of therapists this simple but very helpful understanding, which can enlighten the interpretations of the needs of clients.

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