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Many Doctors agree that between 70 and 90% of illness is caused or exacerbated by stress!

Reflexology is a method of gaining access to the body’s energy system. Where blockages or imbalances are found they can be cleared to bring the body back into balance and health.

Conventional mainstream methods of healing are largely pharmaceutical or surgical. The ancient healing arts of China, India, Egypt and Greece see health as the outcome of the flow of vital energies within their proper channels. This is the holistic approach.

Reflexology is a refined contemporary example of this holistic way, a form of energetic therapy. Reflexology identifies ten energy paths, called zones, running down the body. If the flow along these zones runs freely, we remain healthy, but when the flow is hindered or blocked an imbalance will occur which, if not corrected, will manifest itself as bodily illness or discomfort.

It is possible to access these energy zones through the hands and feet. Within them are important reflex points where blockages, which often feel like crystal grains under the skin, can be detected and cleared through reflexology.

The holistic approach also emphasises that blocks in the flow of vital energy can originate in emotional, mental or spiritual conditions, as well as physical ones. So, for healing in depth, balance must be achieved in body, mind and spirit.

The body is not simply a machine. It is vitalised by a very special energy system. Recognising that this energy system is the basis of life and a vital factor in healing, you will be taught Reflexology as an energy medicine system, a holistic healing art. You will learn to harmonise the flow of this vital energy throughout the ten zones of the body.

By using the simple, relaxing techniques that you will learn on this Family Reflexology course you will understand how you and your family can benefit by sharing time and helping each other to relax, let go of of physical and emotional tension and feel the difference that you can experience by exchanging a treatment.

If you are interested in becoming a Reflexologist this is an excellent first step and will help you to make an informed decision as to whether it is the career for you.

Important - This is not a Practitioner course and will not qualify you to give a treatment to any one in a professional capacity. You will have some techniques that will help youself and your family to relax and let go of the tensions that can cause your body to manifest illness.

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