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Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues
Posted on October 29, 2015 by philanna
Beating the Winter Blues

Is it just me or is winter suddenly rushing up on us? The days are now really drawing in at a rate of knots and cloudy days seem to lack any light at all. It is easy to see how some people find our British Winters hard to bear!

At 6pm there is a nip in the air – and the rather clement day-time temperatures seem to drop drastically as soon as the sun goes down.

Some people are already succumbing to colds and sinus attacks so what do we do?

I prefer a multi-pronged attack. I check through my 5 keys to health and vitality, and see how I can adjust, support and enliven every aspect.

My first key is – Lifestyle, including diet, working hours and habits, relaxation and exercise. For each, I see how I can maximise their effectiveness and harness the positive power they can exert on my health and my business.

The second is – Hereditary. I consider what the genetics and traits are that I have been handed that will support me, and which do I need to support.

The third is – Relationships; Our emotional state is the most powerful ally we have for good health and vitality. Who are we close to, who empowers us and who disempowers us! Are we empowering to be around?

The fourth is – Environment. This is one that that we can feel we have no control over, but understanding how it affects me helps me to strengthen my resistance to its effect.

The fifth key – is Attitude. This is so important that it can override any weakness (or strength) in the other four. A positive attitude is priceless in our quest for health and vitality.

I have been sharing these 5 keys and the hints, tips and tricks to stay fit, healthy and vibrant throughout the winter months with health professionals for over 20 years. They are not getting the information out to you quickly enough, so now I would really love to share them directly with you.

Maximise the effects of this life changing knowledge with personalized tips and remedies for you and your loved ones and join me at Colmworth Golf Club on Sat 28th Nov 2015 and learn how to harness the power and effectiveness of the 5 Keys to Health and Vitality:

For booking info...

Bach Flower Remedies - Empty Nest Syndrome

Off they go! Into the unknown – the house is quieter than it has been for years, now it’s just the two of you, or worse still you are totally alone! For some parents the void is a chasm in their existence while some can see an occasional positive chink in the darkness that is the future unfolding…….

I can prepare one meal at night instead of a menu… The bathroom stays clean when it is tidied!.. There are two less machine loads a week to wash…… My petrol bill has halved –except when they need to get home for a friends birthday!

The more we can focus on the positives the better we will fare. It is a huge change in our lives when the youngest child leaves home, the wrench can be overwhelming: thank goodness then for Dr Bach's Flower Remedies.

I am recommending my clients use

Walnut - to help us to feel safer while we get used to the changes in our everyday life.

Agrimony - will help us to see the good in the situation (the clean bathroom for instance) and to begin to have ideas of the things we may want to do with our extra time!

Larch - is a great help when we want the confidence to learn new things – perhaps study something ourselves or start a new business.

Honeysuckle - Helps us to embrace the future. Rather than clinging to the past.

Wild Oat - gives us direction and ensures that we are connected to our life path and help us to allow it to unfold.

Of course there is always the chance of a day when we feel so low – then is the time to employ

Willow - to give us the flexibility to adapt to a different lifestyle now and

Mustard - to lift the emotional droop.

One word of warning !! Don’t get too used to the positives – it may only be 3 years before they are back - and nothing will be the same...again! But that’s for another blog!!

It is not what happens to you that defines you - it is the way you react to those experiences. Explore those reactions with Dr Bach's Flower Remedies. Join is for an Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies in St Neots 15th and 16th November for a life enhancing experience. More info and bookings..

Bach Flower Remedies - The secret to successful self employment

Throughout my lengthy career I have spent a maximum of 8 years s an employee – and 4 or those were for my own Ltd Company. I feel I have therefore some reason to expound the virtues and vices of being Self Employed.

Whether we choose to be self employed or Self Employment chooses us, we all have many of the same challenges and advantages.
I would say the main advantage is freedom. Every morning we make the choice More info and bookings.

Bach Flower Remedies - School Exams - There's no such thing as failure!

Do you remember how as a youngster you knew, absolutely, that you could do or be, anything you wanted. Over time we become influenced by others interpretation of the world and we began to take on others beliefs.
‘I want never gets’, ‘that’s is silly’ ‘you are not clever enough’ ‘you don’t work hard enough’ ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’. I am sure you can add more to these.
Every time we want something to happen and it doesn’t – it can have a diminishing effect on our personal belief system. Most of the time these experiences are scattered among others that endorse our power to create so are not too much of a problem. However certain experiences can have a debilitating effect on us for a long time.

As the exam results come in for your sons and daughters....

Bach Flower Remedies - Back to School - Dealing with Change

Change is something we all have to get used to, we always have had to, however this year has heralded some fundamental changes that we as a society, have to go through if we are going to be able to survive. As the summer draws to a close, I know some of you are saying it is just getting going, we near the time of change for many of our youngsters. Some are off to school for the first time, or going to a new school, perhaps off to University for the first time. It can be an emotional roller coaster.......

Bach Flower Remedies - Cellular Memories

As I experience all the ‘first anniversaries’ of bereavement it has come home to me more and more the significance of my Honeysuckle blog at the beginning of the year. As I awoke this morning – even before I got out of bed, I was aware that my back was very unstable. I took it very carefully and showered and dressed and then meditated and took essences, first Oak to give me support and strength. I tapped (EFT) on the weakness and felt a wave of sickness – which I tapped on and then realised I have been feeling this on and off all year. After a Rapid Sequence Healing with Bach Essences.........

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